Welcome to our new training system, and our first course of what I believe will be many, Security Awareness & Training. We hope that we've made the process of signing up and taking the training easy, and we welcome, encourage and appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative, on how we can continuously improve upon these courses.

Thank you, and enjoy your training.

Brian Shrift
Precision Business Solutions

Employees are most often a company's most expensive resource, and from an IT security perspective, they're usually the biggest security risk.  Just talk to the security department at Anthem, Inc. or JPMorgan Chase, whose massive data breaches originated with phishing attacks.

Security awareness and training is the process of educating employees on computer security and good computing practices.  Investing in education, such as what a phishing attack is and ways to avoid falling victim to them, is typically covered as part of security awareness and training.

Security Awareness and Training ยง164.308(a)(5)

HIPAA Standard: Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).

The Healthcare Security Awareness & Training course is specific to those in the healthcare industry, responsible for safeguarding protected health information.